Crisis in the Kremlin

Don’t let the Soviet Union to collapse, and the socialist system to fall in the darkness of history or lead the Soviet Union by a new path – democracy and free market! But before you decide something, think – wouldn’t it cause more harm than good?

Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall

The confrontation between the socialist and capitalist bloc is coming to an end. The old party leaders are still sitting in their offices, not changing anything and waiting for orders from Moscow. But their end is already close - Gorbachev and Kohl shake hands, unleashing unexpected consequences. What should we do?

The Collapse

Uneasy times have come for the Soviet Union, torn apart by multiple contradictions: the signing of a new union treaty led to many thousands of meetings, fueling an already tense situation. And just at this moment Major Il'tchtozhev was summoned to Moscow. For what purpose? He does not yet know about this and he ...