Mao's Legacy. Diary #2

Увы, ничего не работает

Hello everyone and this is the second developer's diary from developers of "China: Mao's Legacy".

As we were saying earlier, China is a superpower which can widely influence world's processes. This means we had to add new tools of this influence (and also expand a game further). So we made a war screen where you can directly interfere in different wars.

Here you can see countries fighting each other and superpowers supporting them (USSR and USA). By the way, you can support both sides alternately if you want to exhaust their strength and maintain the status-quo, because if the conflict will last too long the UN peacekeeping force will enter the region and restore pre-war situation.

We also said about changes in the policy screen. You can see that now all doctrines are located in a different way and you can choose any of them if you meet the ideological requirements. Also during the regime with a leading party role party fractions will be displayed instead of parties, which will be displayed if you introduce a multi-party system.

And that's all for today, we will tell more about diplomacy and science in our next diary.




Data: 21 Jun 2018