Mao's Legacy. Diary #3

Увы, ничего не работает

Hello everyone and this is the third diary of the developers of "China: Mao's Legacy".

This time we will tell you about science and a new feature - politician's screen.
Since the duration of the game compared to Ostalgie has increased significantly, technologies has also become more. As before, they are divided into 3 branches - agriculture and genetics, industry, army and special services (now the strength of the army and agents are 2 different parameters). In order to make the task more interesting, restrictions were introduced that don't allow to explore the technology before a certain time. In other respects, the system almost completely repeats Ostalgie.

Now about the most interesting - about the system of politicians. On a separate window, rows of politicians will be displayed by force and first persons to be appointed. Of course, every politician will have his own views on management methods and ideology. The similarity or difference of these views between politicians and player's actions and will determine their relationship to each other and to you. Dissatisfied politicians will conspire, satisfied - to provide you with stability. Also, depending on the force and attitude of some politicians, different events will appear. Of course, each politician can be killed, arrested, you can improve a relationship with him, etc. It is also worth noting that as a leader in this window displays the actual, not the nominal head of state, so that even without leading posts you can still hold power with due diligence.

Thank you for waiting so long for this diary, today is all, but we will definitely release the next one!