Mao's Legacy. Diary #4

Увы, ничего не работает

Hello everyone, and this is another one dev diary from developers of China: Mao's legacy. Thanks for waiting so long.

During the development it turned out that we decided to completely rework the economic system. If earlier it was an improved version of Ostalgie's system, now we decided to mix up and simplify systems that we used before. Unfortunatly, the deadline of the game will be postponed because of it.

Since our latest diary was published we have mostly been creating diplomacy and some features that would make our game more unique comparing to Ostalgie.

As you could see on screenshots, we have added spheres of influence and maps for them. Struggling for these spheres will become player's main objective. You will have an opportunity to create your own economic and military alliances or join the WPO and the Comecon and try to seize the leadership in them. Player's action and proportion of influence will determine the endings, including USSR's and socialist camp endings.

We have also complemented the mechanics to make the game more different from the Ostalgie - population was added, the size of which will influence profit, army forces etc. depending on the doctrines. The influence of the doctrines was also revised - dinamic influence formulas were added to them, because of which the same doctrine may have a different effect under different circumstances. For example, state plan will grant more profit from heavy industry and low social security together with market economy will lead to even more collapsing standarts of living.

That's all for today. Of course we will continue to inform you about testing, events, and further development.