DLC "Legacy of Hoxha"

Увы, ничего не работает

The world is changing, but Albania is not. The covenants of Enver Hoxha are honored with all responsibility and authority. But how long will this last in the world of the end of the Cold War? Albanian Gorbachev, Islamic socialism or still aligned to Hoxha? So many ways... And the choice is in your hands.

- Albania is not waiting for change. Become the herald of the change... or its enemy! - Hungary can no longer be saved... But maybe You will be a thaumaturge of the country? - Czechoslovakia is falling apart and reforms cannot stop the merciless rink of change. Are you ready to become the face of its socialism?

Eastern Europe is collapsing. Everyone hid in anticipation of your firm hand. And will.

This DLC will give you three playable countries: Albania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia.