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Увы, ничего не работает

Dear friends! For a long time already there was no news on our site, so we decided to tell you what is happening at the moment and what we are doing. Of course, the main efforts are now cast on the development of the game \"Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall\". You can familiarize yourself with the concept of the game on the main page of the site. But in order to brighten up your expectation, I will briefly describe the innovations that you will encounter in the game. So, let\'s start:

  • 1. Mechanics. The game moved from turn-based to real-time strategy, this was done in order to saturate the 3-year period of the game as much as possible. That is now in one interval there will be several events at once, and the main attraction is that you may not have time to react and this will also have consequences. Predicting your question, I will answer in advance - yes, the game can be paused and even change the game speed.
  • 2. Economy. Now it will become completely transparent and you will now have a full picture of what is happening to it. Cool, yeah?
  • 3. Science. Now the technology will be studied not permanently, but for a certain period of time. The period of research will depend on various factors, for example, on the number of research institutes built.
  • 4. Agency networks. One of the main innovations of the game, during the game you will build up and use your agent networks. The more of them you have the more, the more effectively you will be able to influence the world.
  • 5. Politics. You are no longer a superpower and you will have to accept the influence of two world powers: the USSR and the USA

    Just want to say that we have not forgotten about \"Crisis in the Kremlin\" and in the future we will release an update with bugfixes and new languages. Our community currently helps us translate into: Romanian, German, and Chinese. If you have a desire to help, then join our Discord server.

    Thank you!

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