Ostalgie: Release on March 26

Увы, ничего не работает

Ostalgie, a new game from the Kremlingames studio, already at the final stage of development! As its name implies, it is devoted to the last years of the existence of the Eastern bloc led by the USSR.
The key strength of the game is the opportunity to play for one of these countries at a critical moment: 1989, perestroika is in full swing and the very existence of socialist regimes is under a big question: new thinking in foreign policy, market reforms ...
You are waiting for a slightly modified diplomatic system, well-known historical and hypothetical variational events and a profound study of details, and most importantly - a somewhat modified, but not less interesting technology and economic systems, an updated to realize these opportunities on the German Democratic Republic!
In case the game is successful, will be added campaigns for Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, already to the available East Germany, Bulgaria and Romania.
The release of the game is expected on March 26, hurry to buy it in your library!